ACS: Automated Canning System

Cask ACS (Automated Canning System)

35-CPM Conveyer-Driven Automated Canning System

The automated canning system is designed to fill and seam 35 cans per minute (measured with 12 oz/355ml cans) or 90 cases per hour. The system consists of a core conveyor with motor drive, a five head filler, a can lid dispenser, and a heavy duty can seamer all mounted on a stainless steel frame.

Our current V4.2 design will handle multiple can heights of the same diameter with minimal change over time (ie. 12 oz/355 ml and 16 oz/473 ml cans).

  • Are you already running a Cask ACS and your brewery needs to expand canning capacity? Check out our Dual ACS system as a cost effective way of achieving 70-CPM.
  • Interested in large 24 oz / 710 mL or 32 oz / 946 mL cans? Cask has also developed the “Big Fat ACS” specifically for this purpose.
  • The Cask ACS can also be specially configured to seam 12oz / 355 mL sleek cans. Contact us to discuss this option.

Package Into Printed Cans

Cask will help with the entire canning project from the initial concept to final production. Cask is the official supplier of Ball Corporation for the supply of printed aluminum cans to our customers.

Post Packaging

Post packaging products are available from third party suppliers for six pack rings, plastic carriers and cardboard boxes. Contact your sales representative for details.

Service and Support

To ensure long-term success of your canning project we understand how you need dependable follow up support. We are a dedicated, full-service supplier. Our knowledgeable staff offers preventative maintenance, quality control and repair guidance through onsite visits, toll-free telephone support and email.

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