SAMS: Semi Automated Manual System

Cask Semi-Automated Manual Canning System (SAMS)

Cask SAMS (Semi-Automated Manual System)

15-CPM with Incredibly Compact Design

Table top 3 head filler seamer complete with frame, capable of filling 15 cans per minute or 37 cases per hour with 2 operators (not including post packaging) in an incredibly compact operational space of 10 sq feet. This machine is cost effective and labor efficient and also handles multiple can heights.

Automatic lid application includes under lid gassing and provides air pick up levels as low as the fully automated canning lines in the range of 15 – 20 ppb dissolved oxygen, ensuring that your beer remains as crisp and delicious as the day it was packaged.

Once the cans are loaded into the shoot the operator doesn’t touch them again until they are filled and seamed.

Package Into Printed Cans

Cask will help with the entire canning project from the initial concept to final production. Cask is the official supplier of Ball Corporation for the supply of printed aluminum cans to our customers.

Service and Support

To ensure long-term success of your canning project we understand how you need dependable follow up support. We are a dedicated, full-service supplier. Our knowledgeable staff offers preventative maintenance, quality control and repair guidance through onsite visits, toll-free telephone support and email.

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