Cask Brewing Systems Welcomes a New Customer in Mexico

sierra-madre-cansSierra Madre Brewing Co., located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico opened its doors for business in May 1998 as northern Mexico’s first brewpub. During the past 10 years they have opened five additional locations in the Monterrey area. During this time their business model for beer production evolved from small batches at each restaurant to a centralized brewing facility with a kegging operation. In essence, they turned into a small micro brewery supplying mostly their own restaurants.

“Since 2000, we had been bottling our beer as an additional revenue generator, but our volume never took off. Although we have just recently started with our canning line (three months), volume is already double than what we had with our 22 oz. bottles. We are excited for what the future holds for our canned products and we are actively looking for distributors in the US as a launching pad for the export business,” states Carlos Montemayor, Owner.

Why cans?

Their decision to switch to cans was technically based.

“We felt we could have a more stable product and better quality control in a can than what we had in bottles. On the marketing side, six packs have turned out to be a more desirable product packaging than our 22 oz. bombers. Most of our canned beer is sold at our restaurants as “take home beer”. However, we have also been selling to one of the major supermarket chains here in Monterrey– HEB (they’re based in San Antonio TX),” explains Montemayor.

The Cask canning solution has brought can packaging down to a scale affordable to the small producer. Canning equipment tends to focus on high volume producers, and Cask was able to offer a system feasible to craft brewers,” said Montemayor

Cask Brewing Systems offers affordable canning solutions for the craft brewing industry and small scale packagers worldwide. Click here to see a demonstration of our automated system or to learn about all of the benefits of canning.

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