Blue Mountain Brewery: First Virginia microbrewery to can its beer

Cask Brewing Systems is pleased to announce a new customer – The first microbrewery in Virginia to can its beer!

The Blue Mountain Brewery in rural Nelson County will become the first Virginia microbrewery to can its beer. Using our hand-operated filler and seamer, owner Taylor Smack will package his Full Nelson Pale Ale in 12-ounce aluminum cans.

Why cans?

People say, ‘What about the metallic taste?’ But that problem was solved years ago,” Smack says, noting that cans are lined with an epoxy-based resin. He enumerates the advantages: Cans are opaque, so there’s no need to worry about skunky, light-struck beer. They’re lighter and more compact than bottles, making them a convenient tote for bikers, backpackers and the beach crowd. They ice down faster than glass. And consumers are more likely to recycle cans. I’m a huge believer that this will be a big medium for craft brewing,” he says.

(Excerpt from:, June 17, 2009)

Smack also states that cans are extremely environmentally friendly. This is even more important in Nelson County since the county discontinued its glass recycling program last year due to market conditions. However, its can recycling program remains intact.

Blue Mountain Brewery sits in the shadow of Appalachia’s Blue Ridge Mountains in Afton, Virginia. They are a farm brewery, growing their own hops, and proudly crafting real American beer. For more information go to:

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