Mill Street Brewery Introduces Lemon Tea Beer

Mill St Lemon Tea

Mill St Lemon Tea

(Toronto, Ontario) – In a press release, the beer is described as follows: This refreshing brew is made by adding several kilos of black tea to the cold-aging tank to infuse flavour. Lemon is added after filtration to give it a bright, citrusy flavour that begins subtly and grows with each sip. The finished beer is light amber in colour with a rocky white head and 5% alc./vol.

Lemon Tea Beer is Mill Street’s first canned product, packaged in 473 ml cans that are currently available at the Mill Street Brewpub retail outlet and will soon be available at provincial liquor stores.

They have taken a unique approach in promoting that takes advantage of the increasingly interactive online community. They are taping customer testimonials at events or allowing people to upload video testimonials to their website and then people can vote online for their favourites.

The Promotion: Take the Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer Challenge

Make a video describing Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer and get your friends to vote for your video. The 10 videos with the most votes at the end of summer win a party for themselves and 10 friends at the Mill Street Brewpub. You can check out the contest at:

Mill Street Brewery launched in 2002 and has enjoyed double-digit growth, year over year since then. They have been awarded the Canadian Brewery of the Year – for the 2009, 2008 and 2007 Canadian Brewing Awards.

It has been a very gratifying, wild ride,” says co-founder Steve Abrams. “When we started we saw a huge opportunity. Microbreweries had already been very successful in the U.S. and I saw a province awash in the same kind of beer. There wasn’t a lot of creativity or people sticking their necks out doing something different.

“Today’s young beer drinker won’t just have one brand in his fridge,” says Steve Abrams. “He’ll have a number of different brands. Some might be imported, some might be craft beer, some might be mainstream beers. His fridge is not his dad’s or grandfather’s fridge, who drank one brand until the day they died. That’s the past.”

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