Oskar Blues Brewery’s Dale’s Pale Ale was named one of America’s Hottest Brands in 2010

Oskar Blues Brewery’s Dale’s Pale Ale was named one of America’s Hottest Brands in 2010 by Advertising Age along with a few lesser known brands…Android, Ipad, Conan O’Brien!

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America’s Hottest Brands 2010

“From marketers that relied on clever old-school marketing with big campaigns to the upstarts that have broken through with a combination of ingenuity, luck and word of mouth, these brands helped put the sizzle in 2010

Dale’s Pale Ale

Dale Katechis, Founder of Oskar Blues

Dale Katechis, Founder, Oskar Blues Brewery
Dale’s Pale Ale, which first made as a home brew by Mr. Katechis while in college, is one of the hottest beers in the sizzling craft category.”

To see the full list go to: http://adage.com/americashottestbrands2010/
Source: Adage.com, Special Report “America’s Hottest Brands 2010”, November 2010

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dale Katechis and the staff of Oskar Blues for this monumental accomplishment.

An excerpt from their story…

“It all started in Alabama in the late ’80s, when Mr. Katechis began experimenting with home brews while attending Auburn University. He refined Dale’s Pale Ale over the years and began selling it in 1999 in a restaurant he opened in tiny Lyons, Colo.

Mr. Katechis began canning it in 2002 — literally one can at a time — as a way to publicize his restaurant, Oskar Blues Grill and Brew. “We’d just load up the van or RV or the truck and go to a music festival or go to an outdoor biking event,” said Chad Melis, a professional mountain biker whom Mr. Katechis hired as the brewer’s marketing director.

Beer enthusiasts, used to drinking sophisticated crafts in bottles, were skeptical. Oskar Blues changed their minds “one can at a time,” Mr. Melis said, by emphasizing the can advantage, which he says includes less exposure to light and oxygen, potential taste-ruiners.

The trend caught on and at least 100 craft brewers now sell in cans, said Julia Herz, of the Brewers Association.

The brewer now has 80 distributors, 220 employees and annual revenue of more than $20 million. Its distribution network mostly covers Colorado, the South and the coasts, and includes bars and retailers such as Whole Foods and BevMo.”

You can read the full article at: http://adage.com/article?article_id=147047 Source: Adage.com, “Dale’s Pale Ale”, November 15, 2010

We wish them continued success and look forward to following their ongoing growth story.

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