Cask Brewing Systems has gone green!

We are excited to announce we have taken a big step to reduce the carbon emissions footprint of our business by choosing green electricity and green natural gas for our company with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider.

Bullfrog Power’s generators put green electricity and green natural gas onto the grid and pipeline to match the amount of conventional electricity and natural gas used by Cask’s manufacturing facility in Calgary. Across Canada, Bullfrog’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities. Bullfrog’s green natural gas is sourced from a unique methane-capture project situated on one of Canada’s landfill sites. Through innovative technology, biogas is captured, cleaned up, and injected onto the national natural gas pipeline.

To date, Bullfrog’s community of approximately 10,000 residences & 1,400 organizations has prevented over a million tonnes of CO2 from reaching Canada’s atmosphere. This is powered by people who see the need for a different way of sourcing our energy needs in the face of unforgiving environmental challenges.

In 2014, Bullfrog partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation to work together to educate Canadians on practical solutions to reduce their home’s impact and ultimately to help reshape the Canadian energy landscape.

Cask has made the environment an essential part of our commitment to sustainability,” said Peter Love, President, Cask Brewing Systems. “That is why we are proud to be partnering with Bullfrog Power to support renewable energy for our Bullfrog powered facilities.  It is also why we have always supported aluminum cans which are a more sustainable package.

A World of Environmental Benefits

The aluminum can is the most recycled beverage package on the planet, and that aluminum is infinitely recyclable. The average aluminum can is also made from 44% recycled aluminum. A recycled can requires a fraction of the energy to produce, ship and recycle than a glass bottle does, and it provides enough saved energy to power a light bulb for three hours. A full can of beer also weighs 40% less than a full bottle and delivers a 40% drop in reduced fuel use and shipping costs.

Nature loves aluminum cans.

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