Cask Launches “CRN-E” In-line Corn Syrup Dosing System

In light of recent developments in the mass-market beer industry, Cask Global Canning Solutions is announcing a new upgrade available for all of its pioneering canning systems. The new Cask CRN-E is a special in-line corn syrup doser that can be added to all Cask systems.

It enables craft brewers to provide the key ingredient needed to compete with mass-market brewers.

“The CRN-E,” says William Stalk, Cask’s DCA (Director of Cheap Adjuncts), “is a game changer. It enables craft brewers to quickly lower their flavor standards and meet the super-low taste profiles of today’s macro brewers.”

“With corn syrup getting so much attention these days,” Stalk adds, “we owe it to our customers to give them the opportunity to enter the corn-syruped segment.”

The CRN-E works with both regular and high-fructose corn syrup and is capable of providing up to 85 ICUs (International Corn Units) per can. Best of all, to make sure brewers are using the CRN-E properly, the device works in conjunction with a unique flavor sensor that ensures best results. “If the beer receiving the corn syrup has any flavor,” says Cask founder Peter Love, “the corn-syrup doser immediately shuts down the canning system. It’s pure genius and we’re expecting bushels of orders for it.”


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