What’s Going On With Cans?

The craft beverage industry has largely been reliant on surplus supply from can manufacturers after contract customer orders have been fulfilled. The reality is with the increased demand for cans there is little to no surplus can supply or production capacity for non-contract customers. Because of this, distributors with contracted supply are playing a more important role than ever to ensure access to cans for the craft industry. 

The purpose of this piece is to offer a no-nonsense resource for the craft industry to stay informed and access resources that might offer solutions to can supply challenges. 

Defining The Landscape


Ball, Crown and Ardagh supply most of the world's aluminum cans. Contracted customers make up majority of their operational capacity.


Distributors are contracted customers that have secured allocation to serve lower volume producers and provide other value-adds for small businesses.


Resellers are non-contracted customers that often source from multiple manufacturers to serve their customer-base and offer additional services.

Contracted Can Supply Through Cask

Cask is a 20+ year distributor for Ball Corporation. We have contracted can supply with Ball to serve the craft beverage industry.

Cask is focused on creating stability for businesses experiencing challenges around surging aluminum prices and volatility in the supply chain. We do this through offering:

  • Contracted, secure can supply - With forecasting assistance
  • Locked-in pricing for the term -  No surprise price increases
  • Dedicated account management - Humans that give a shit
  • Turnkey equipment offering - In-house labeling for flexibility

How Is This Different From Other Distributors?

Most distributors and resellers exist to offer lower minimum orders quantities (MOQs) and can decorating services. As a canning system manufacturer, Cask is focused on helping our customers effectively plan and execute the packaging arm of their business by offering secure terms and dedicated account management.

Cask is specifically set up to help businesses that need:

  • Secure, contracted supply of Brite Cans at 25 pallet (1 FTL) minimums
  • Secure, contracted supply of Printed Cans at 1 million (125 pallets/5 FTL) per SKU
  • 6+ pallets of Brite cans for flexibility to label in-house

Need secure, contracted can supply?

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