[VIDEO] Oskar Blues’ offshoot Hotbox Roasters Introduces Canned Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

In March, Hotbox Roasters introduced its latest caffeinated creation, Nitro Cold Brew in an infinitely recyclable 12 fl. oz. can using a Cask Automated Canning System. Hotbox Roasters’ Nitro Cold Brew is a high-octane dose of 420 mg of caffeine. If you want to make this yourself, then make sure to get the best coffee grinder for the job.

“Whether you’re running, biking or just need a boost of natural energy, our Nitro Cold Brew will keep you going strong all day,” said Mike Murfitt, Marketing Director at Hotbox Roasters.

“Minimizing our environmental impact is a top priority, so we use aluminum cans which are infinitely recyclable and protect the flavor and consistency of all our coffee products.”

One of the benefits for us of using a Cask line was its low dissolved oxygen level piece of equipment.  Coffee oxidizes and we want to minimize that at all costs.  Oxidation means staling,” states Matt Herren, Green Coffee Buyer.

Cold brewing, at a local, often artisan level, is riding the coattails of the craft beer trend.  The cold brewing process releases distinctly different flavors – from the same beans – than traditional heat extraction. Cold brew coffees are generally less bitter and less acidic, allowing a more full appreciation of the underlying flavors.

The U.S. Ready to Drink (RTD) coffee market (which is prepared coffee in a bottle or can) has grown by double digits annually since 2011. Research firm Mintel estimates cold brew alone grew by an astounding 340% from 2010 – 2015 in the US.

With its roots in craft brewing, Hotbox Roasters has also quickly become the go-to coffee company for craft brewers looking for the very best coffee beans or cold brew coffee to infuse in their small batch beer. In addition to working with Oskar Blues, Hotbox Roasters’ beans are also being paired with Epic Brewing Company, Großen Bart Brewery, Cigar City Brewing, and Perrin Brewing Company to name a few.

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