Automated Depalletizer v3A

Describes Feature & Benefits of Cask's Automated Depalletizer V3.3 for an automated infeed solutions for canning systems.

Complete Automated Infeed Solution

The Automated Depalletizer pairs with the 3D Printed Rinse Inverter that reduces can size changeover downtime to seconds. Add-on the UV-C & Ionized Air Treatment features to eliminate water usage and minimize Dissolved Oxygen pick-up during the rinsing process.

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Automated Depalletizer Features

  • Half-Height and Mobile Half-Height set up options available!
  • Quick, tool-less can size changeovers
  • Compatible with nearly all can sizes and pallet dimensions
  • No pneumatics. Sweeper arm is force-sensing and operated by linear drive; Customizable frequency and force for optimal precision during sweeping
  • 7” touchscreen HMI display for improved operator control
  • Automated sub-routines assist initial set up, including initial tier sheet removal and height-sensor adjustments
  • Collapsible frame for easy shipping and installation
Complete automated infeed solution set-up for canning systems with automated depalletizer and quick changeover rinsing solutions with UV and Ionized Air options.