Automated Depalletizer V3

Canning accessories, automated depalletizer


Automated Depalletizer V3 Updates & New Features

The Automated Depalletizer V3.0 reduces labor costs and fully optimizes ease of use features.

  • Adapts to any can format with no programming or equipment configuration changes
  • Decreased overall footprint
  • Can now be loaded with a low-profile pallet jack, removing need for continuous use of forklift in daily operations
  • Sweeper arm is force sensing and operated by linear drive; No pneumatics.
  • Customizable frequency and force for optimal precision during sweeping
  • Made to be mobile or half-height for ease; Convertible from half-height to full-height
  • Re-designed conveyor makes reconfiguration simple for mobile operators or tight set ups and eliminates need for vibrator on full-height depal; Vibrator required on half-height depal with reduced output/noise feature
  • More robust stainless steel frame and stainless steel kick-plates for durability
  • Updated Festo HMI 7” touchscreen display for improved operator control
  • Upgraded automated sub-routines that assist with initial set up, such as initial tier sheet removal and height-sensor adjustment
  • Narrow-in/narrow-out configuration
  • Collapsible for easier shipment and assembly


Automated Depalletizer V3 Set Up Options