Financing & Leasing

Financing is a common way businesses bring a canning system in-house to recognize cost savings. 

Cask works with Econolease for affordable lease-to-own options that make it easier to preserve your cash flow and own your packaging. Learn more about Leasing options and connect with Cask for an updated equipment Quote.

Own It

Low-cost buy out options


30,000+ customers

Quick Turnaround

Approvals typically within 24 hours

Flexible Terms

Ranging from 12-60 months

High Approval

90% approval rating

Tax Deductible

Payments are 100% tax deductible

How It Works

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Econolease has 30+ years of experience in food and beverage and distinctly understands the budgetary and payment needs of craft beverage makers. 
They offer monthly payments for 12-60 month terms with affordable lease-to-own options.

Leasing With Econolease

Leasing With Econolease

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If you are outside of the United States or Canada or would like to discuss other options contact Cask and we will happily discuss other ways customers have brought their packaging operations in-house.

Lease Calculator

Easily apply through Econolease to get pre-approved to lease your canning system. Approvals typically process within 24 hours. Econolease will require Equipment Details and Business and Personal information. Connect with Cask for an updated Equipment Quote.