ACS X2: Automated Canning System X2

70+ CPM Dual Seamer, Conveyer-Driven Automated Canning System

This new automated canning system is designed to fill and seam 70+ cans per minute (measured with 12 fl oz/355ml cans) or up to 175 cases per hour. The machine will handle multiple can heights of the same diameter with minimal change over time (ie. 12 fl oz/355 ml and 16 fl oz/473 ml cans).

Dual Electric Cam Driven Seamers

Cask's revolutionary new seamer design combines a cam driven seamer with an electric stepper motor, increasing seam reliability with significantly easier setup and maintenance compared to pneumatic seamers.

Industry Leading Fill Tech

Our proprietary foam creation valves result in some of the lowest oxygen pickup numbers in the industry. Our customers have been able to achieve as low as
15 to 20 ppb DO pickup.

Don't let dissolved oxygen ruin your unique craft flavours!

Built to Last

The first ACS V1.0 was installed in 2002 and is still running strong almost two decades and more than 10 million cans later.

Our reliable design is time tested with proven reliability that your craft beverage business can depend on.

ACS X2 V1.0 Features

  • Dual cam driven seamer with an electric stepper motor increases seam reliability with significantly easier setup and maintenance compared to pneumatic seamers.
  • Only one operator needed (with Automated Depal).
  • Fill setting can be adjusted individually on each fill head for exceptional fill consistency
  • Simple change over between multiple can heights (i.e. 12oz/16 oz)
  • "Low lid cage level" sensor audibly reminds operator to fill lid cage
  • Automated post-packaging options available (six pack or PakTech® can carriers)
  • Shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive wrap around label options available
  • Electrical certifications: ETL (Canada/US) and CE compliant (EU) 

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Multiple Can Sizes

The Cask ACS X2 can be configured for multiple can heights of the same diameter. Change over between different can dimensions is a snap, requiring only a few simple tools and less than 30 minutes.

ACS X2 V1.0 Specifications


Three Phase, 208 - 240VAC at 20A, 50/60 Hz


25 psi from plant system connected to canning system with 3/8" barbed fitting


Filler & Seamer: 5 cfm at 90 psi
Optional Air Dryer: 12 cfm at 30 psi
Total System: 17 cfm at 90 psi
Compressor c/w refrigerated dryer and autofloat drain


1/2" hot water line (Clean In Place CIP)
1/2" cold water line


Temperature: 32 - 35.6 F (0 to 2C)
Carbonation: 2.4 to 2.9 volumes CO2 (4.6 to 5.6 g/L CO2)