#CanVantages – The Benefits of Aluminum Cans

CanVantages: The Benefits of Cans


Unbreakable cans don’t shatter into tiny shards and present dangers for your customers, retailers and staff. They’re safer in your brewery and during shipping and handling and safer when your customers handle them and recycle them. Empty cans can’t be hurled like missiles onto the playing field or concert stage, making them especially appealing for sports and music venues and other settings where glass presents risks.

A World of Environmental Benefits

The aluminum can is the most recycled beverage package on the planet, and that aluminum is infinitely recyclable. The average aluminum can is also made from 44% recycled aluminum. A recycled requires a fraction of the energy to produce, ship and recycle than a glass bottle does, and it provides enough saved energy to power a light bulb for three hours. A full can of beer also weighs 40% less than a full bottle and delivers a 40% drop in reduced fuel use and shipping costs. Mother Nature loves aluminum cans.

Portability & New Markets

Cans allow consumers to enjoy craft beverages in a range of places and settings in which bottled products aren’t welcome or practical. Cans mean your customers can now have your beer at the beach, the pool, the backcountry, the stadium, airplanes, festivals and sporting events. Put your beverage in a can and you open up new markets and customer that weren’t reachable before. From campers and hikers to fishermen, beachgoers, river rafters and many more. These new opportunities deliver increased sales and reach for your business.

Freshness-Keeping Power

Beer in cans lasts longer and tastes better. Cans offer 100% protection from UV light and ingressed oxygen, a fresh beer’s two greatest enemies. Canned beer never gets light struck and skunked or oxidized by outside air. With extremely low oxygen pickup (15 – 20ppb) when filled on a Cask canning system, cans help extend beverage shelf-life and peak flavor.

Customer Convenience

In every setting, cans are dramatically lighter and easier to handle, transport and recycle than bottles. A case or sixpack of cans is the lightest weight and ultimate “grab and go" retail package. The safest from breakage, too.

Product Differentiation

Retail shelves are crowded with beer, wine and cider in glass bottles. By embracing cans you gain an instant distinction that separates you from bottled peers. Cans also provide 360 degrees of branding real estate on every package for increased presence, branding and consumer information. Cans also give your product a unique story angle tied to the rise of status-quo-defying micro-canned beverages.

Reduced Packaging and Shippings Costs

By using cans, our customers enjoy significant savings in packing and shipping materials. Cans require simple case trays instead of standard carboard cases and make cardboard sixpacks and bottle caps obsolete.

Cans are Cool. And Hot.

The aluminum can cools faster than a glass bottle. It’s also hottest-selling craft beer package in the US and a growing number of other nations. In the US last year, sales of canned sixpacks were up 97% compared to a 14% growth of bottles.