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Mobile Canning Systems

Mobile canning systems introSystem PictureStandard, Slim or Sleek!Cask canning lines accommodate numerous kombucha-appropriate can sizes, in any Standard, Slim or Sleek formats ranging from 163mL/5.5oz to 568mL/19.2oz with minimal changeover time. Inline Scale & Auto RejectAn inline scale provides onscreen trending of can weights to 2g accuracy, in real time. Get instant operator feedback for…

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[VIDEO] Meet mACS: Micro-Canning’s Most Flexible System

Introducing mACS: The Micro-Automated Canning SystemCask is proud to officially launch our new Micro-Automated Canning System (mACS).The mACS combines all of the best features of Cask’s entire canning system family into one precision system: the industry leading fill technology common to…

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