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Craft Beer

Our role as craft beer’s micro-canning inventor stretches back to the late Nineties. But our history in craft beer reaches back to the early Eighties when we supplied brewhouses and tanks to the world’s first microbreweries and brew-on-premise (ever heard of them?) establishments around the world. Yes, way before “craft” beer was even a term.…

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[VIDEO] Yah, We Can: Cask Powers Mobile Canning in Sweden

Olof Häggström is taking the #MicroCanning revolution we started and spreading it across his homeland of Sweden. Olof’s Can Man company  — the country’s first mobile micro-canner — counts exclusively on Cask Global Canning Solutions canning systems to power its…

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[VIDEO] Meet mACS: Micro-Canning’s Most Flexible System

Introducing mACS: The Micro-Automated Canning SystemCask is proud to officially launch our new Micro-Automated Canning System (mACS).The mACS combines all of the best features of Cask’s entire canning system family into one precision system: the industry leading fill technology common to…

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