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CompanyWeek Profile: Cask Global Canning Solutions

Third-generation CEO Peter Love is overseeing the Canadian manufacturer’s international growth from the U.K. to Bhutan. www.cask.com Calgary, Alberta Founded: 1905 Privately owned Employees: about 25 In the early 1900s, J.E. Love & Sons would do “anything for a buck,”…

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On Food: Microbrewer is betting success is in the can

 “The canned beer Apocalypse” is upon us. That’s what four guys from Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colo., are preaching. They call themselves the horsemen ushering in this cosmic shift and their message is simple: It is possible to make…

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Real Beer Page: Micro Cans Big Beer

Oskar Blues first Colorado craft brewery to distribute beer in aluminum Nov 13, 2002 – Oskar Blues Brewery ships a new beer this week in a container unique for a Rocky Mountain craft brewery. Dale’s Pale Ale, a substantial beer…

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