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The Truth About Cans versus Bottles


Tired of paying to ship glass? CANS reduce your package weight by 40%. You can reduce your shipping cost by choosing a lighter package.

With oil over $100/barrel and gas prices continuing to rise, I’m sure you are concerned about your shipping costs. Well here is a way to save some money and the environment at the same time.

  • Average weight of a full 12oz bottle: 620 g
  • Average weight of a full 12oz can: 366 g
  • 96 cases (one full 48” x 40” pallet) of 12 oz glass bottles, full weighs 3,143 lbs (not including the pallet).
  • The equivalent 96 cases of beer in 12 oz cans would weighs 1,855 lbs (not including pallet).
  • Note: Statistics are for LTL shipments (less than truck lot shipments).

cans-vs-bottles-weightA saving of 40% on your cost to get your product to the consumer, is a big number. Plus, with today’s can technology you get the added quality protection cans provide from UV light over glass bottles.

And Help Save the Environment as well! The truth about recycling…

Twice as many cans are recycled than bottles:

  • Aluminum can recycling rate: 45%
  • Glass bottle recycling rate: 20%

Benefits of recycling:

  • It conserves natural resources.
  • It reduces the amount of waste that is buried or burnt.
  • The most valuable benefit of recycling is the saving in energy and the reduction in greenhouse gases and pollution that result when scrap materials are substituted for natural resources.

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