Morgan Street Brewery has 2nd LARGEST Canning System in St. Louis MO

Morgan Street Brewery was one of St. Louis’ first new-age craft breweries established nearly two decades ago. Morgan Street underwent a recent expansion in order to ramp up product for local distribution . They are now capable of producing upwards of 1400 barrels of craft brew per year, including their flagship brands, Golden Pilsner and Honey Wheat.

With the recent expansion, they made the decision to can their beer. They added a Cask manual canning system.

Now we have the second largest beer canning system in St.Louis!” laughs brewmaster, Dustin Chalfant. “We rival Anheuser Busch which started in St. Louis in 1864! Mind you, we won’t be canning 2000 cans per minute like them! But we will start canning our Gold Pilsner and build distribution and awareness of our first beer in a can. We are excited about the new market opportunities that this will give us.

  • And their beers are getting accolades. Here is how they did in the 2012 US Open Beer Championship:
  • Golden Pilsner – Gold Medal (July 2012)
  • Honey Wheat Lager – Gold Medal (July 2012)
  • When Helles Freezes Over – Silver Medal (July 2012)
  • 4th most creative name “When Helles Freezes Over”
  • 9th place score overall

We congratulate them on their overall placing and awards!

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