Introducing our new Automated Depalletizer (AD 2.0)

We began working with the Craft Brewing industry in the early 1980’s and have been building affordable canning solutions for over a decade.

With 14 plus years of continuous innovations and enhancements, we are proud to introduce our latest new product.

Our fully automated depalletizer reduces labour costs. The reduction in labour costs decreases the payback period on your investment to under a year.

It’s compact design utilizes brewery space and equipment very efficiently. The small overall footprint allows the whole canning system to fit into a 12 ft by 14 ft space including automated post-packaging if required.

  • The unique collapsible design of the unit reduces freight shipping costs and simplifies freight handling.
  • All stainless steel frame gives improved durability and extended product lifespan.
  • Easy to run – Load the pallet, push the button to advance 4 hours of continuous can supply with no further operator intervention.
  • Cans automatically move from depalletizer to conveyor.
  • Tier sheets automatically removed and stacked till end of run reducing damage to dunnage.
  • Continuously adapts to canning system speed. Cans feed as fast as required, no lag time.
  • Built-in sensors handle all can formats with no set up changes.
  • Reduces can damage due to less handling.
  • Easy to use touch screen panel control.
  • Minimal maintenance due to durable, simple design.
  • Compact footprint of 6 ft (W), 4 ft (L), 10 ft (H)
  • No fulltime use of forklift required.

Currently operating at:

And soon to be installed at 13 other locations over the next few months.

The Cask Automated Depalletizer has been a great addition for us. We no longer tie up a forklift for hours and due to its compact design, we have saved space. Hands free automation allows our operators to observe more crucial parts of our can line. Just load a pallet and press start!”
– Brett Hetelle, Packaging Manager, Two Brothers Brewing Co.

See it live at Two Brothers Brewing Co., IL.

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