[VIDEO] An Uncanny Collab: Topeca Coffee Roasters + Dead Armadillo Craft Brewery

We created the mACS (Micro-Automated Canning System) to give craft beverage creators the easy flexibility to shift between beverage types and can sizes. Dead Armadillo Brewing is a wonderful example of a craft beer maker reaping the bennies of this new canning system.

In addition to its small-batch beer, Dead Armadillo now cans cold-brewed, nitro-enhanced coffee for Topeca Coffee Roasters. The uncanny collaboration helps both companies expand their sales and maintain maximum quality, all thanks to the amazing versatility of the mighty mACS.

What are the benefits of using a mACS for craft beer and cold brew coffee collaboration projects?

  • Shared investment in the mACS creates much lower operational cost for both parties and delivers higher utilization of the system.
  • Maximum efficiency and expertise by combining bean-to-cup coffee expertise with brewer knowhow for production and packaging of cold beverages.
  • Ultra-flexible mACS design handles multiple can diameters with quick changeover between sizes, and is nitro-doser ready for shifting from beer to uncarbonated coffee.
  • Craft beer and craft coffee share the same audience, so brewers and coffee makers reap collaborative marketing benefits and options for coffee-enhanced beers.

What technical design features on the mACS makes it perfect for coffee?

  • The mACS produces ultra-consistent liquid nitrogen dosing that delivers the cascading pour and creamy mouthfeel crucial for the nitro-coffee experience
  • The mACS index wheel design creates a super consistent “nitro dose to seaming” time. Built-in algorithm automatically adjusts index wheel to ensure consistent nitro dosing in every can.
  • A lid slide mounted close to seamer shortens dose-to-seam time and reduces nitrogen burn off. Cam-driven seamer delivers relentlessly consistent seam formation.

Okay, enjoy the video. Who needs a coffee?

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