Two More Brewers The First To Be In Cans In Their Markets

Cask Brewing Systems is pleased to announce two new customers who are the first in their markets to start canning their beer utilizing our automated canning system

Sun_King_Brewing_LogoSun King Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN – can now take cans of their beer out and about to enjoy!

Sun King Brewing Company is an Indianapolis based Craft Brewery with a focus on continually crafting traditional seasonals and unique specialty beers. Their industrial warehouse space is the first full scale production brewery in Indianapolis since Indianapolis Brewing Company closed it’s doors in 1948. Their unique Tasting Room allows patrons the opportunity to immerse themselves in their brewery and gives them a chance to try all of their beers in one sitting.

Why did they decide to can beer?

Canning beer has been a goal for Sun King since our inception. Both of our Brewers/Founders, Dave Colt & I, believe that cans are a superior package for beer, especially considering the incredibly low oxygen pick up on the automated line. As an environmentally conscious company, cans offer us lower shipping costs, both to and from our brewery, and a higher level/frequency of recyclability. Plus we are selfishly excited for the opportunity to take cans of our beer out and about to enjoy,” states Clay Robinson, Brewer /Owner. They are the only one in their market currently in cans.

They are in a state that allows for self distribution, so they plan on marketing and distributing their own beers. “Currently we solely distribute draft beer to bars and restaurants in a 50 mile circle around Indianapolis, so cans will open up doors for us in a lot of places that don’t have draft lines. We will also be expanding our distribution to include liquor stores in our current market, as well as selling cans direct to the public from our Tasting Room,” states Clay.

Two More Brewers The First To Be In Cans In Their Markets

The Wild Onion Brewing Co. is located on Lake Barrington. The main restaurant and bar are connected to a banquet facility overlooking an 11 acre lake and waterfall, with a large patio and hop garden for outdoor dining. Founded in 1995, The Wild Onion Brewing Company is committed to brewing the freshest, most flavorful ales and lagers available to local beer lovers. They craft their own interpretation of world-class beer styles in their state-of-the-art brewery and cellar complex.

They decided to start canning in order to differentiate themselves from the other breweries in the area. They will be the first to can their beer in the Chicago area. They also wanted to be able to have off sales and self distribute and still provide the same freshness you get from draft. They had seen numerous articles on the increasing popularity of canning and Cask Brewing Systems and decided it was time. The compact size of the Cask system complimented their operations.

Our automated and manual canning systems offer a cost effective way to enter the can packaging segment. To learn more you can go to and see a demonstration of our automated system and learn about all of the benefits of canning.


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