Alaskan Brewer fulfills packaging dream – One Can at a Time

kenai-seamer.jpgKenai River Brewing Company located in Soldotna, Alaska is only the second craft brewery in Alaska to can their beers. They currently brew eight different ales along with one seasonal and one Single Hop IPA.

Doug Hogue, owner and head brewer, had a dream when he opened his brewery in 2006. He wanted to see his beer canned and in the hands of the outdoor enthusiasts in the land of the midnight sun. Alaska is an outdoors state and the brewery is by one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the world. He felt that cans were the perfect packaging to take fishing, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing…

So they purchased a manual canning system which suited their capacity, met their space constraints and was an affordable way to enter the market. Last month they started manually canning their Skilak Scottish Ale one can at a time.

Watch their video on how they made their canning dream come true.

And for anyone planning a trip to Alaska – here’s a recommendation from Kenai River Brewing on how to spend the day…

Go to the Kenai River early, catch a 50+ pound King Salmon and stop by the brewery for a celebratory pint of beer. Grab a 6 pack to enjoy later. Then there are two ways to take advantage of our 20+ hours of daylight:

  1. Hike one of the scenic mountain trails while enjoying some of the 6 pack you purchased earlier, or
  2. Visit some of the three other local breweries on the Kenai Peninsula. Don’t forget to pick up another 6 pack to check into your luggage to take home.

Our automated and manual canning systems offer a cost effective way to enter the can packaging segment. To learn more you can go to and see a demonstration of our manual system and learn about all of the benefits of canning.

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