Cask on CBC: New microbrewery in Quebec using SAMS

A new company was born in Alma: Microbrasserie Riverbend.


The plant, located in the North Industrial Park, brews and bottles three types of craft beers.

The brewery also opens a shop in the same factory premises for consumers to purchase beer.

“I was brewer in microbreweries, but it was time for me to create recipes for me, to share and to show things I could do,” says the in owners, Sébastien Morasse.

There are no plans to develop an adjacent restaurant, says the director of marketing and communications, Olivier Spénard.

“We had the dream to open a bistro as we see everywhere but the market was too tight in Alma. We decided to go into production and forgetting the restoration. ”

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Three new beers will appear on the shelves of the shop, and in various other outlets in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. The microbrewery is set to stand out with a new blueberry beer and chocolate beer, in an increasingly competitive market.

“Blueberries Lac-Saint-Jean and cocoa beans give a dark beer with a foam with purple reflections. “- Olivier Spénard

Although several microbreweries are established Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the owners of the Riverbend microbrewery believe that the market is far from saturated. “Microbreweries have a little more than 8% market share of beer in Quebec.For us, there is still 92% market share fetching “said Sébastien Morasse. The products will be on sale from Thursday at the Alma store. They will be available in grocery stores and convenience stores Friday. The microbrewery Riverbend required investments of $ 615,000.

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Dec 9, 2015
Melissa Savoie-Soulières
ICI Radio-Canada

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