The Nano ACS Is The Smallest Automated Canning System Yet


The new Nano Automated Canning System is Cask's smallest fully automated canning system yet. 

It fills 18 cans per min in an extremely compact 14 sqft footprint and can package virtually any beverage type and can size - slim, sleek or standard. The Nano is perfect for small-scale craft beverage makers that want the ability to do it all. 



About 85% of craft breweries produce less than 1,500 BBL per year and at least 1/3 of them are already making beverages other than beer. Beverage makers need the ability to package the widest range of products at a small scale without breaking the bank or capitalizing the brewery floor. 

The Nano is designed to be the catch-all for the rapidly shifting needs of craft brewers, as well as meet the demands of all the distilleries, wineries, and cold brew coffee and kombucha makers looking to can their products. 

Ross Alger, Owner & Distiller of of Confluence Distillery can attest to that. “The Nano is great,” he says, “because of its features, price and size. We only need to can a small portion of what we make a few times each month, so it makes no sense for us to dedicate a large amount of our vital dollars and floor space for a larger, overkill system that we don’t need.”

Ross had been using mobile canning services and was unhappy with the high costs and large minimum requirements. “By not packaging at the whims of a mobile canner,” Ross says, “we can be much more flexible with our canning volumes and schedule. We can do small canning runs of unique and creative products, and know that they’re properly packaged.”

The Nano can package highly carbonated beverages (up to 3.2 volumes of CO2) for those wanting to produce hard seltzers, RTD cocktails, and other high-carbonation beverages. Changeover between beverage types and slim, sleek and standard size cans is fast and simple on the system.  

Confluence Distillery Owner & Distiller in front of Distilling Tanks alongside Gin & Soda canned cocktails


The system’s user-friendly design allows for quick and easy training for Operators of all experience levels, and its automated infeed/outfeed conveyor means the system can be operated by just two people.

The fully automated Nano ACS can also be fitted with accessories for date coding, labeling, and nitrogen dosing for added flexibility and ease-of-use.

At every point of its design the Nano ACS was built for the needs of small breweries, distilleries, wineries, and coffee and kombucha makers looking to do more with a right-fit system that saves on space and cost.

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