The ACS V6 Is The Fastest, Most Compact System In Its Class


The ACS V6 is Cask's flagship canning system re-imagined. 50 cans per minute the ACS V6 is 25% faster with a reduced footprint of 2'11" x 9'9". This system is designed to be the fastest, most compact canning system in its class. 


The Establishment Brewing Company purchased their ACS V6 after reaching the point where they were mobile canning once a week. They've seen incredible growth since launching cans, but fitting their own canning system into their maxed out facility was a challenge.

The Engineering team at Cask configured a layout that allowed a full turnkey set-up to fit into their limited space. They've packaged over 300,000 cans in their first few months since commissioning their canning system.

MIKE FONIOK | Founder & Brewer, The Establishment

“We’re at capacity in terms of our space. But the canning line has a small footprint. And Cask was able to design the layout in a “U” shape, instead of a long line, that fits in, works ergonomically for our staff, and is very efficient.”

Cask's Engineering Team works directly with customers to customize layouts and maximize floorspace.

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