The Russians are Canning

The Russians are Canning!

July 2003, Ust Ilimsk, (Siberia) Russia

Cask Brewing Systems Inc. is proud to announce a first in Canada/Russia business relations. The first sale of a Canadian made canning system to Russia to THE UST-ILIMSK BREWERY in Eastern Siberia.

In July Cask Representative, Kersten Kloss was on site to ensure that the packaging system was operational and beverage cans and their contents met the quality requirements of the customer.

Ust Ilimsk is located in the Irkutsk region of Eastern Siberia. To get there Kersten had to fly via Moscow; 5 hours to Krajonarsk, then 2 more hours to Bratsk, followed by another 3 hour car ride. “It was a long 36 hour trip from Calgary but well worth the journey…” claims Kersten.

Since 1917 the Ust Ilimsk Brewery has been the first brewery in the East of Russia built on private capital and Cask Brewing Systems is very proud to have been chosen as their first canning equipment supplier.

The UST-ILIMSK BREWERY produces great tasting beer. In the years 2000-2001 alone at the Novosibirsk and at Sochi International beer festivals in St. Petersburg— Ust Ilimsk Brewery was honored with five gold and four silver medals.

The high quality of the elitist beer brands such as “Okhotnichye” (hunter’s), “Khmelnoye” (heady) and “Pragskoe” (Prague beer) enabled the brewery to enlarge its market share in Russia.

In Russia canned beer is sold at a premium versus bottled product so Pragskoe was the first beer chosen for cans. Cans are chosen as the better package for beer and are perceived by the public as “premium product.”

“I could buy a can of Pragskoe at a corner store for around 20 Rubles – a 5 Ruble premium over bottle beer.” reflects Kersten, “The half liter (16oz) single-serve bottle and can was by far the most popular beer package in Russia.”

This is an incredible market for canned beer.” observes Kersten, “Wherever I walked, in both larger cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow and the smaller towns of the Irkutsk Region of Siberia; Russian beer drinkers were enjoying cold beer – in cans.” Russia has liberal laws regarding public consumption of alcohol. It is very acceptable to be drinking an open beer in a park or street corner.

To meet demand, the brewery at Ust Ilimsk is currently undergoing a major modernization project. Recent additions have included new fermenting vessels, yeast propagation facilities, micro filtration, and a state of the art brewing facility supplied by Steinecker of Germany.

The Cask micro canning system is the latest addition to a list of impressive upgrades helping this prestigious Siberian brewery to maintain its position as a recognized leader in Russia’s brewing industry.

For more information call Cask Brewing Systems Inc. at 1-800-661-8443 ext/205

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