Maryland-based Flying Dog Brewery releases its first canned beer this year

Flying Dog Brewery was founded in 1990 as a Brewpub in Aspen, Colorado. They went from a brewpub to a full-fledged Denver brewery in 1994, and then to their current state-of-the-art brewing facility in Frederick, Maryland.

In 2011, the company produced 85,000 barrels and was one of the Top 50 US Craft Brewers (#26).

Their first canned beer, the hoppy light lager Underdog Atlantic, was in stores by April. They will introduce their second canned beer, the popular Snake Dog IPA, early this summer.

The launch comes as the brewer, the state’s largest, plans its most ambitious rollout since it purchased its Maryland base in 2006. This year, it plans to debut 20 new beers.

Spokesperson, Erin Biles, said they see cans as an additional platform for their beer, thanks to improvements in technology. “Technology has advanced so much that it’s just as good as having it in a glass, from a flavor profile standpoint,” Biles said. To accommodate the canning process, the brewery added a second production shift for their Cask automated canning system (ACS).

And they are happy with their system states James Priest, their Canning Manager,

Cask’s ACS units are easy to operate, easy to adjust, and easy to clean, and their personnel are easy to work with and knowledgeable. It’s just easy—it lets you focus on brewing your beer and selling your beer.”

James added, “Personally, it’s the second Cask ACS unit I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of in the past year, and I love to see the little changes and improvements made. It shows the true character of Cask—to never settle, to make it better, to keep the beer rolling and the customer happy.



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