Three year old Maine Brewery, Baxter Brewing, Quadrupling Beer Production in $2 mil Expansion

“Demand for Baxter’s beer has been so high, that the company cannot keep up with orders,” said owner and founder Luke Livingston at a press conference called for the expansion announcement.

Part of their expansion included adding a second Cask ACS automated canning system, a Cask automated depalletizer and automating their post packaging with an ITW Hi-Cone unit. They are now able to package 70 cans a minute or 175 cases per hour with their dual systems.

Being able to can for us has been what’s really put Baxter on the map. Obviously I believe in the liquid in the cans – without good beer, we wouldn’t be selling beer. But what has – in this market of New England – really separated us from the pack, and has allowed us to produce – in our third year of business – 14 thousand barrels of beer is the aluminum can. We would not be able to do that without the fact that we can our beer. And that obviously wouldn’t be possible without the folks at Cask,” said Luke Livingston. “And the automated line is incredibly easy to operate!

Baxter Brewing Co. plans to add at least 15 jobs and move to a 24-hour production and processing schedule. The planned expansion included adding three new 8,000-gallon fermenters and new offices in an upstairs suite at the former mill. They plan on adding three more fermenters later this year.

The 27 year old owner was named one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2011.

We wish them continued success and look forward to following their ongoing growth story.

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