Can Seam Evaluation Training Videos

Cask is proud to release these detailed Can Seam Evaluation training videos as an educational resource for the #microcanning community.

Proper can seam evaluation is crucial to the successful operation of any canning machines of all speeds. Staying on top of your seam integrity can be easy with the proper attention and correct training.

A certified Cask Technician provides seam evaluation training during your initial system installation or during any site visit. We also provide seam evaluation support by phone or email through our dedicated Support Department.

To complete a full seam evaluation including can tear down, you will require the following tools that are provided with all Cask canning systems:

  • A can seam micrometer
  • A vernier caliper (also called a caliper micrometer)
  • A pair of side cutters

Video 1: Can Seam Evaluation – 1st and Second Ops Seams

This video details the process of using a can micrometer and vernier calipers to confirm the 1st and 2nd operation seam measurements are within specification. You will require a fully seamed can to measure the 2nd operation seam and a second can which has only had the first operation seam completed. This is accomplished by running your Canning System in Manual Mode and manually actuating only the 1st operation seam roll.

Video 1 covers:

  • How to use a Can Seam Micrometer [0:15]
  • Measuring 1st Operation Seam Thickness [1:10]
  • Measuring 2nd Operation Seam Thickness [2:35]
  • Measuring Seam Height [3:35]


Video 2: Manual Can Teardown

Video 2 details the process of manually exposing the cover hook and body hook for measurement to confirm that the length of both hooks are within Ball Corporation’s specifications.

Video 3: Can Seam Evaluation – Body Hook and Cover Hook

After you have completed a can teardown (Video 2), this video guides you through the process of measuring the body hook and cover hook to ensure seams are within specification.

Video 3 covers:

  • Body Hook Measurement [0:10]
  • Cover Hook Measurement [1:13]


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