[VIDEO] Mobile Canning with iCan Solutions

The Micro-Canning Revolution:
A Day In the Life of a Mobile Canner

Join us while we follow Cask customer Luke Brown of iCan Solutions in Indiana through a day in his life as a Mobile Canner.

Luke saw a need in his area for canned craft beer. By doing some research, he found that breweries in his area wanted to be in cans. However, lack of space and can storage were preventing some breweries from canning.

Hence iCan Solutions.

The benefits of using a mobile canner are many:

  • They provide the latest in canning technology on-site to expand brewers’ brands.
  • They can serve any size brewery that would benefit from an on-demand, hassle-free packaging option.
  • They can also provide extra capacity for breweries with canning lines that have sudden demands or specialty low-volume canning not fit for larger lines.
  • iCan will also provide and store cans for the brewers – printed or shrink sleeve labels.
  • With their service the brewer does not have to spend the money to purchase their own line, find a place to put it or pay for additional labor to run and maintain it.
  • Using a mobile canner allows your brewery to get into cans early, without needing to find the capital to purchase your own canning system or can inventory at the same time as you’re starting your business and building a brewery.
  • Strong sales growth and positive cash flow (assisted by packaging in cans) means when the timing is right, purchasing a canning system to increase margins and improve your profitability might make sense for your craft business.

We congratulate Luke on his success with his mobile canning business!

We are also very pleased that our Automated Canning System is serving him well.

Cask has been producing this line for so long, making it so user friendly  and so easy for someone who knows nothing about running a packaging line, to start up and thrive.

– Luke Brown, iCan Solutions

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