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[VIDEO] Announcing the Automated Canning System Version 5 (ACS V5)

Meet Craft Beer’s Ultimate Canning SystemAfter over a year of intensive R&D, we’re popping the top on our top canning system. The Automated Canning System Version 5 (or ACS V5, for short) takes our popular ACS to new heights of #MicroCanning perfection…

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ACS V5 | 40 cans per minute

GET A QUOTEElectric Cam Driven SeamerCask’s revolutionary automated canning system design pairs a cam-driven seamer with an electric stepper motor. Get increased seam integrity by the most consistent seam formation force, with significantly easier setup and maintenance compared to pneumatic seamers. Inline Scale & Auto RejectThe ACS V5 automated canning system features an inline scale…

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