[VIDEO] Announcing the Automated Canning System Version 5 (ACS V5)

Meet Craft Beer’s Ultimate Canning System

After over a year of intensive R&D, we’re popping the top on our top canning system. The Automated Canning System Version 5 (or ACS V5, for short) takes our popular ACS to new heights of #MicroCanning perfection and versatility, for a single does-it-all system that handles an array of can sizes and craft beverages.

The ACS V5 is exciting for a lot of reasons” says Doug Rawson, P. Eng and Director of Operations at Cask. "Most of all, it's that we've really been able to take direct customer feedback and design a lot of great new features - like increased speed and seam reliability, individual fill head control and the addition of an inline scale and auto rejection ability.

Incredible Packaging Flexibility

The Cask ACS V5 is the most flexible #MicroCanning system on the market. It handles nearly all can heights, body diameters and end types and changeover between can sizes is fast and easy.

Seaming Perfection

The ACS V5 now has an electric cam-driven seamer for increased seam integrity and significantly easier setup and maintenance.

Can More Than Beer

The unparalleled flexibility of the ACS V5 and its easily added features make it ideal for craft beer and other craft beverages such as cider, wine, kombucha, cold-brew coffee and more.

System Speed Increase +15%

We've increased total system speed to 40 cans/minute or 100 cases/hour.

 Inline Scale & Auto Reject

A new inline scale provides real-time trending of can weights to 2g accuracy. Get instant feedback for fill consistency and adjustments, and an auto-reject arm that purges out-of-spec cans.

Industry Leading Fill Tech

Proprietary foam-creation valves deliver the lowest dissolved oxygen (DO) pickup in the micro-canning industry.

Our customers get as little as 15-20 ppb DO pickup for maximum protection from flavor-crushing oxygen.

Our fantastic relationship with Tool Shed Brewing has afforded over six months of testing on the ACS V5 right in a brewery, right beside packaging staff and most importantly, using beer!" says Peter Love, Cask President. "That extended period of design and testing has given both us and our customers high confidence in the performance and ease-of-use of this next generation Automated Canning System.


These features come in another pioneering Cask system with six fill heads, 40 cans/minute power, and the small footprint and price that has made Cask the industry leader since we invented micro-canning nearly 20 years ago.

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