[VIDEO] Dead Armadillo Takes Beer (and More) to the mACS

Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing (Tulsa, Oklahoma) is using our latest micro-canning line to bring new life to its business.

Cask first met the Dead Armadillo crew (Todd Phillips, Tony Peck and Travis Moore) in 2015. That year the small brewery expanded its successful draft-only business into packaged beer and micro-canning with the purchase of Cask’s entry level Semi-Automated Canning System (SAMS).

The brewery’s wise move to cans and Cask equipment fueled a rapid boost in demand. Dead Armadillo doubled its production in its first year of canning and enjoyed 40% growth in year two. To better meet demand, the brewery founders realized they needed more canning power beyond their SAMS machine.

Enter the Micro-Automated Canning System – or the mACS. Dead Armadillo became one of Cask’s first mACS (pronounced “max”) purchasers in 2017 and quickly used it to boost its canned beer supply. The brewery is now taking advantage of the machine’s unique ability to easily can multiple beverages and multiple cans sizes.

“When you add a liquid nitrogen doser to the mACS,” says Todd Phillips, Dead Armadillo’s Director of Operations, “you can use it to can coffee. So after many months of R&D, we’re entering the nitro cold-brewed coffee market with some friends at a local coffee roaster. It’s a brave new world for us that wouldn’t have been possible without Cask.”

“The mACS supports a larger array of can sizes than any line we have ever seen,” Phillips adds, “and we can change from can sizes, lid formats, and product types in just a few minutes, with minimal effort.”

With the mACS,” says Cask founder Peter Love, “our customers get highly efficient filling and the ability to create new revenue streams and beverages. They can quickly shift to new can sizes for current products, or jump from beer and cider to soft drinks and uncarbonated beverages such as cold brew coffee, wine and energy drinks.


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