New Record – Cask Installs 6 canning systems on 3 continents in 9 days!

We are very excited to announce a new record for our company. In November, we installed 6 canning systems on 3 continents in only 9 days!

At Cask, we continuously strive to improve our products and services in order to meet the needs of our customers. We are very pleased to welcome these new canning customers from across the globe. Here are some highlights of these breweries and their canning goals:


Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina

  • Cask Equipment: Semi-Automated Manual System (SAMS)
  • Installation Date: November 19
  • Canning Goals: Differentiation with varying sized packaging
  • About them: Appalachian Mountain Brewery is the Official Brewery of the Appalachian Mountains and focuses its business model on sustainability, community and philanthropy. In Jan,, 2014 they became a publicly traded company (OTC: HOPS). The initial capitalization allowed them to purchase additional brewing equipment and a Cask SAMS, which will significantly expand their capacity and allow them to offer four beer styles in cans throughout NC. SAMS is capable of handling the multiple can heights of 12 or 16 ounces that they need.

Big Storm Brewing, Odessa, Florida

  • Cask Equipment: Semi-Automated Manual System (SAMS)
  • Installation Date: November 13
  • Canning Goals: Aggressive distribution strategy
  • About them: They started out in 2012 as a 3.5-barrel “nanobrewery”. Last October, they expanded to 15 barrels. Their nearly 400 retail markets all over Florida haven’t yet maxed out their current production capacity, but they have an aggressive distribution strategy to do that, and then some. Their speed on getting cans to market proves that.


Colonial Brewing, Margaret River, WA, Australia

  • Cask Equipment: Automated Canning System (ACS)
  • Installation Date: November 18
  • Canning Goals: Candemonium! Cans can go where bottles can’t
  • About them: Margaret River is the special corner of the world known for its rolling vineyards, ancient caves, awesome surfing and tall forests, the region’s characteristics inspire the beer making process for Colonial Brewing. From their website, “In the short space of a week, we progressed from a can line that just looked awesome, to one that works and is awesome in actuality. We knew we would have fun but we never knew that filling tiny metal things with beer and sealing them could bring so much joy!”.

Green Beacon Brewing Company, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

  • Cask Equipment: Semi-Automated Manual System (SAMS)
  • Installation Date: November 12
  • Canning Goals: First craft cans to market in Brisbane
  • About them: Green Beacon is attempting to bring a new culture to beer, so prevalent abroad but only just gaining ground in Australia, that beer can be a product of huge flavour and depth, crafted specifically to be paired with different foods and indulge the senses. They are the only locally produced craft beer in cans in Brisbane.

United Kingdom

Felinfoel Brewing, Llanelli, Wales

  • Cask Equipment: Automated Canning System (ACS)
  • Installation Date: November 11
  • Canning Goals: Increased distribution
  • About them: The Felinfoel Brewery, home of Double Dragon Ale, is the oldest brewery in Wales. They are still owned by the same family that started the adventure in 1878. They own over 76 pubs in England. They were the first brewery outside the US to sell beer in cans in 1935. Through time, they moved to co-packers and have taken the canning back into their operations again with a Cask ACS.


Metalman Brewing Company, Waterford, Ireland

  • Cask Equipment: Automated Canning System (ACS)
  • Installation Date: November 13
  • Canning Goals: Ireland’s first micro-canner
  • About them: Metalman Brewing is the brain-child of a couple of beer enthusiasts, Grainne and Tim Walsh, who were frustrated by the lack of choice of flavoursome, authentically Irish beer. The name of the brewery is inspired by a navigational aid on the Waterford coast. The figure of the Metal Man was erected in 1823 after a military transport ship was wrecked off the coast.
    They recently installed a Cask ACS. Here is what they said about it, “It’s very shiny and pretty, but the magnitude of what it represents is far greater than its (relatively) modest size. The first microbrewery in Ireland to begin canning its product is a pretty big thing, so we’re a bit beside ourselves with excitement to say the least.”

Cask has been working with the Craft Brewing industry since the early 1980s and has been building canning equipment for over a decade with more than 350 craft breweries in 25 countries worldwide using our systems. We provide the whole canning solution and offer ongoing support on our canning equipment and the production of cans through Ball Corporation.

Our proven, compact automated, semi-automated and manual canning systems offer a cost effective way to enter the can packaging segment. To learn more you can go to and see demonstrations of our automated, semi-automated and manual systems and learn about all of the benefits of canning.

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